Pipe centralizers

To keep rotating nozzles and root cutters in the center of the sewer pipe

Use pipe centralizers to keep rotating nozzles or root cutters in the center of the pipe during cleaning operations.  They include a locknut for a safer fixing of the nozzle.

DN 150-300 centralizer

DN 150-300 centralizer with set of adjustable position skids. Suitable for 3/4” nozzles (Tremol, Rondò, Warthog, Avian, Carnia).

DN 150-300 3/4" F/M
DN (mm) 150-300
Weight 3,4
L (mm) 250
Max pressure (bar) 300 
Part number 5023.02 

DN 200-450 centralizer

DN 200-450 centralizer with 2 sets of adjustable position skids. Steel wheels are set on bigger skids.
Suitable for 1” nozzles (Tremol, Rondò, Warthog, Friuli, Maniago).

DN 200-450 1" F/M
DN (mm) 200-400
Weight 7,5
L (mm) 325
Max pressure (bar) 300 
Part number 5023.01-1

DN 225-600 centralizer

DN 225-600 centralizer with pantograph opening, and rubber wheels. Adjustable ring can be fixed along marked positions in order to open the centralizer at required DN.  Suitable for 1” nozzles (Warthog, Friuli, Maniago).

DN 225-600 1" F/M
DN (mm) 225-600
Weight 11,5
L (mm) 600
Max pressure (bar) 300 
Part number 5023.01

Like to know more about the Pipe centralizer for pressure sewer cleaning?

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Pipe centralizer

DN 150-300 Centralizer

DN200-450 pipe centralizers

DN 200-450 centralizer

DN225-600 pipe centralizer

DN 225-600 centralizer

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