Avian Turbine

Removal partial or total obstructions

Turbine nozzles with interchangeable milling head in steel (TA), carbide (TW) or, just for 1/2” and 3/4” nozzles, chain supporting head (TC). TC nozzles include chain set for DN 50/75/100 pipes.
(1/2” nozzle) and DN 100/125/150 pipes (3/4” nozzle). Centralizer rings are also available so that the nozzle keeps a central position in the pipe and can easily advance through elbows.
Turbine nozzles can also be ordered as a kit that includes a plastic case, nozzle with carbide head, chain supporting head, set of chains and centralizer.

Avian Turbine is ideal for

  • Steel or carbide head: partial or total obstructions of limestone, stones, concrete, ice and other hard material 
  • Chain supporting head: root removal in small pipelines (to be used with centralizer ring)

Avian Turbine
Connection 1/2" F  3/4" F 1" F
Weight (kg) 0.3 1 2.6
Rotating jets 3x90° (M4) 3x90° (M6 C)  3x90° (M6 C)  
Rear jets 6x25° (M4) 4x25° (M6 C) 6x20° (TE M6)
Flow (l/min) 60-160 80-240  90-270
Working DN (mm) 50-125 80-250 100-350
Part number

w/steel head 75510.17TTA  75510.360TTA  75510.260TTA 
w/carbide head 75510.17TTW   75510.360TTW 75510.260TTW  
w/chain supporting
75510.17TTC   75510.360TTC   75510.260TTC  
Turbine kit  VALK1T1.01 VALK3T1.01 VALK6T1.01

Like to know more about the Avian Turbine low pressure sewer cleaning nozzle?

Contact DERC Salotech +31 (0)186 62 14 84.


Avian Turbine Kit 3/4"


Avian Turbine

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