Magredi & Piave

Heavy duty sewer cleaning for sand, mud and rocks in flat pipes 

Heavy duty nozzle, sledge shape. Each of the 9 rear jets is bottom oriented with a different inclination, so that the water can reach the lateral parts of the pipe and give high traction to the nozzle. The sledge profile helps in overtaking obstacles and sedimentations with minor risks to get stuck. The nozzle has been specifically designed to be used with 200-300 lpm high pressure pumps. An additional weight is available for more stability. To be used with rotating swivel.

Magredi is ideal for

  • Heavy duty cleaning jobs: sand, mud, rocks
  • Round profile (DN>400) and flat pipes

Piave is ideal for

  • Suitable for portable jetters and low flow HP pumps
  • To be used for sand and sediments removal in small flat pipes 

Connection 3/4"  1"  1"   1" 1/4 
Ø x L (mm)
255x160x120 355x160x120 355x160x120  355x160x120
Weight (kg) 17 17 22 22 
Jet angle 0⁰/5⁰/10⁰
Nr. of jets 9 9 9
Type of inserts  TE M10x1  TE M10x1  TE M10x1  TE M10x1 
Minimum flow
150 150 150 150 
DN (mm)
400-1200 400-1200 400-1200 400-1200 
Part number 65500.872 65500.87 65500.870 65500.871
Rotating swivel  5030.20A  5030.25A  5030.25A  5030.32A 
weight (5,6 kg) 
6500.87-06  6500.87-06     

Connection 1/2" F 
Ø x L (mm)
Weight (kg) 3.5
Jet angle 5⁰/10⁰ 
Nr. of jets
Type of inserts TE 10
Flow (l/min) 60
Working DN (mm) 150-250
Part number 65500.88

The piave has 1/2"F rotating connection and is fitted with ceramic inserts.

Like to know more about the Magredi or Piave low pressure sewer cleaning nozzle?

Contact DERC Salotech +31 (0)186 62 14 84.

Magredi Piave


Magredi sewer cleaning nozzle


Piave sewer cleaning nozzle


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