Fara and Duranno

Sewer cleaning for debris and sedimentation and long runs

Fara and Duranno nozzles are designed and manufactured with 10 and 16 rear jets, in order to ensure effective cleaning and traction in sewers and canalizations up to DN 800. These nozzles are set with interchangeable ceramic inserts with external hexagonal head. A deviator set inside the nozzle maximizes flow efficiency reducing pressure drop.

Fara and Duranno is ideal for

  • Removal of debris and sedimentation
  • Long runs

Fara and Duranno  
Name Fara Duranno Duranno
Connection 1" F  1" F  1"1/4 F
Ø x L (mm)
87x142 107x186  107x186 
Weight (kg) 3.6 9.5 9.5
Jet nr. and angle 10x15⁰  8x20⁰ + 8x30⁰
8x20⁰ + 8x30⁰
Type of inserts M10x1  M10x1 M10x1 
Front jet  M10x1 n/a n/a
Max pressure
300 300 300
>120 >240 >250
DN (mm)
300-800 300-1000
Part number 65540.600 65540.810  65540.800

Like to know more about the Fara or Duranno low pressure sewer cleaning nozzle?

Contact DERC Salotech +31 (0)186 62 14 84.

Fara, Duranno sewer cleaning nozzle


Fara and Duranno high efficiency sewer cleaning nozzle

Fara and Duranno

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