Small sewer cleaning nozzles for small pipes

Small nozzles with conical or round head and with or without front jets, to be used with portable jetters and secondary hose reels of sewer cleaning vehicles in order to clean domestic pipes. Configurations with multiple front jets are available to increase unblocking capacity. Each nozzle is engraved, with number and size of drilled jets. Sile series nozzles are available with 1/8”, 1/4” and 3/8” thread and with fitting for 3/16” and 1/4” hose.

Sile is ideal for

  • Small pipes (domestic and industrial drains) cleaning and flushing
  • Grease, oil and ice (nozzles w/2 or 4 fronts jets)
Head Conical
Round Round Round
Connection 1/8" F 1/8" F 1/4" F 3/8" F 3/8" M
Ø x L (mm)
15x15  15x15  18x29  23x31 21x37
Weight (gr) 8   8 25 40 50
Jet angle 35⁰  35⁰
35⁰ 35⁰ 35⁰
Max pressure
250 250 250  250 250 
20-60 20-60 25-80 30-90 30-90 
DN (mm)
35-140 35-140 
Part number 5500.07 5500.17  3518.00* 3519.00* 3519.00M
W/1 Front jet
and rear jets
5500.07A 5500.17A   3518.00* 3519.00* 3519.00M
W/2 Front jet
and rear jets
W/4 Front jet
and rear jets
5500.07TR   3518.00TR  3519.00TR  3519.00MTR 
Only front jets      3518.00A   3519.00A  

​These nozzles have one M4 drilled insert in the front: they are always seperately delivered with the plug and drilled insert

Sile w/hose fitting 
Connection 3/16"  1/4" 
Ø x L (mm)
12x30  12x33 
Weight (gr) 12 10
Jet angle 35⁰
Max pressure (bar) 250 250
Flow (l/min) 20-60 20-60 
Working DN (mm) 20-60 20-60
Part number 5500.01  5500.12 
W/1 front jets
and rear jets
5500.01A  5500.12A 

Like to know more about the Sile low pressure sewer cleaning nozzle?

Contact DERC Salotech +31 (0)186 62 14 84.

Sile-conical head

Conical head

Sile w/hose fitting

W/hose fitting

Sile-round head

Round head

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