Sewer cleaning nozzles for vertical pipes and drains with elbows

Round head nozzle with double inclined rear jets: 15⁰ jets for string pulling force and 35⁰ jets for better cleaning action at same time. A deciator set inside the nozzle maximizes flow efficiency reducing pressure drop. With M6 front port for plug or insert for front jet. 

Vortex is ideal for

  • Cleaning vertical pipes and drains with elbows
  • Grease, soap and limestone
  • Flushing the pipe before root cutting with chain rotating nozzles

Connection 1/2" F 3/4" F  1" F
Ø x L (mm)
37x37 44x45  48x46 
Weight (gr) 175 325  380
Jet angle 15⁰/25⁰  15⁰/35⁰ 15⁰/35⁰
Front jets M6  M6  M6
Max pressure (bar) 300 300  300
Flow (l/min) 80-170 95-230  95-260
Working DN (mm) 50-100
60-200  80-300
Part number 5528.50 5532.50  5533.50

Like to know more about the Vortex low pressure sewer cleaning nozzle?

Contact DERC Salotech +31 (0)186 62 14 84.



Vortex sewer cleaning nozzle


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