Heavy hydraulically driven for removal of limestone and concrete 

In certain conditions and up to DN 600, these nozzles are the best alternative to milling and head rotating nozzles. Like a chisel, these nozzles hit and crush the hard deposits on the bottom of the pipe. They are set with ceramic inserts, ready to be used and do not require to be adapted to the pipe DN. A special head (HD) is available for heavy duty jobs to be used with Rumax 75/85. Spare rings for Rumax 100 can be used to remove thin deposits in concrete or metal pipes (HA), thick deposits in concrete or metal pipes (HB), deposits in plastic pipes (HC).

Rumax is ideal for

  • CCTV service to monitor nozzle proceeding is strongly recommended
  • Removal of limestone
  • Removal of concrete

Never use HD, HA and HB heads in plastic pipes. Never use these nozzles in ceramic or clay stone pipes.

Type  Rumax 75  Rumax 85  Rumax 100 
Connection 3/4" F  3/4" F 1" F
Weight (kg) 3.7 3.8 8.8
Inserts  6 x M10 x 1C  6 x M10 x 1 C  6 x M10 x 1C 
Max pressure
200 200
Flow (l/min) 130-265 150-340 150-340
Working DN (mm) >150 >150 >200
Part number 77475.00 77485.00 77410.00
HA head

HB head

HC head

HD head 77475.00-01 77475.00-01

Like to know more about the Rumax low pressure sewer cleaning nozzle?

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Rumax-HB head

HB Head

Rumax-HC head

HC Head

Rumax-HD head

HD head

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