Warthog WG-1

Sewer cleaning nozzle for lines 8"-36"
(200-900 mm) with elbows

The Warthog Large Lines models are ideal to handle municipal, industrial and commercial drain cleaning applications. By installing replaceable AP2 nozzle tips that are sized to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your pump, this tool is highly productive. It eliminates the need for using several types of specialty tools to complete the job.

The Warthog WG-1 is the proven choice for municipalities who are faced with cleaning pipes from 8”-36” (200-900 mm). Large combination trucks with 1” hose use this tool predominately. Municipalities around the world rely on this tool to handle their biggest challenges. Descaling head options are also available.

Warthog WG-1 ideal for

  • Removing grease
  • Cutting roots
  • Clearing ice
  • Removing soil blockages

Warthog WG-1 features

  • High speed rotation
  • Replaceable AP2 nozzles

Inlet connection 1" NPT or 1" BSP
Max. working pressure 350 bar
Max. flow 300 l/min
Pulling force 310-450 N
Tool diameter  122 mm
Length 231 mm
Nozzle ports  5x 1/8" NPT
Weight  4,9 kg

Descaling head WG 040-DS

The Warthog WG-1 can easily be converted into a powerful descaling tool by simply changing the head. The descaling pattern features two additional jets at 105˚ combined with a plugged front port to ensure maximum power. The result is enhanced removal of scale, tuberculation, corrosion products, soap and minerals.

Like to know more about the Wartog WG-1?

Contact DERC Salotech +31 (0)186 62 14 84.

WG 040-DS

WG 040-DS



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