Warthog WT-3/8-C

Sewer cleaning nozzle for lines 3"-6" (75-150 mm) with elbows

The Warthog WT-3/8-C self-rotating swivel is designed specifically to handle 3”-6” lines and clean-outs. 

The Warthog WT-3/8-C model has all the powerful features of the larger tools but can negotiate elbows and clean-outs commonly found in laterals at homes, buildings restaurants and other light commercial facilities. 

The Warthog WT-3/8-C is most commonly used on small capacity pumps and cart jetters. Permanent carbide buttons are specifically designed to handle demanding applications. Pipes made of cast iron and those that have sand or silt can act as abrasive agents that can aggressively wear out the tool. The carbide buttons are available in all offsets. The Warthog WT-3/8-C also features replaceable AP2 nozzles.

Warthog WT-3/8 ideal for

  • Cutting roots
  • Clearing ice
  • Removing blockages

Warthog WT-3/8 features

  • High speed rotation
  • Classic workhorse model
  • Carbide buttons for extended life
  • 2 Different head offsets
  • Replaceable AP2 nozzles

Inlet connection 3/8" NPT or 3/8" BSP
Max. working pressure 350 bar
Max. flow 45 l/min
Pulling force 22-90 N
Tool diameter  48 mm
Length 76 mm
Nozzle ports  3x 1/8" NPT
Weight  0,5 kg

Head selection

There are two heads available, one for flow rates of 20 to 30 l/min (R60) and one for 30 to 45 l/min (R31). Jet thrust powers rotation and also pulls the tool through the line. The front jet is useful for getting thru blocked pipes. However, using the front jet fights against the pulling power of the rear jets, so plugging the front jet may be necessary to allow the tool to pull itself further down the line.

A thick viscous fluid inside the tool controls the rotation speed.

Like to know more about the Wartog WT-3/8-C?

Contact DERC Salotech +31 (0)186 62 14 84.



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