If it doesn’t exist, we’ll invent it for you

Our commitment is to provide you with expert guidance, quality and solutions in the field of water jetting technology. No matter how small or complex your technical, process or safety challenge ahead is, our engineering department and consultants are always available. They stand by your site to assist you to solve any technical matter.

High pressure water jetting and innovation is part of our DNA. Our engineers will assist you in the design, the research, the development, the selection, the testing, the feasibility study and the manufacturing of the most effective and - when appropriate - most innovative and safe cleaning solutions for your organisation, or your specific industrial cleaning objective.

At our engineering department you will find inspiring experts and passionate skilled engineers in your quest for the most practical knowledge and solutions. And if it doesn’t exist what you need, we’ll invent it for you.

Click here for some results of our Engineering program:

-    The transportable Combined Heat exchanger Cleaner (CHC)
-    Full automatic cleaning device for reactor vessel