NEW: DERC Smart Laser Positioner

After the very positive introduction during the IFAT show on DERC-showcase "Laser meets Waterjetting". We are proud to announce the innovative DERC Smart Laser Positioner.

NEW: Cleaning of small pipes with bends

The new Navigator is a safe rotary hose device designed to clean small pipes with or without flange. The rotating hose with a self-rotating nozzle, such as the Banshee Beetle, easily cleans ..

New: Modular rail system for cleaning robot

After the successful introduction of the Striker, our engineers designed the Striker Rail. The DERC Striker Rail combines the modular cleaning robot Striker with a modular rail system....

NEW: Spir Star Hose 4/2H and 5/2H 1400 bar

These new 4 mm Spir Star hoses have only 2 layers, and are now suitable for a working pressure of 1400 bar. You can now clean with 1400 bar and also have the features of the 1000 bar version, such as diameter and connections.

NEW: Double your production

Work with the new DERC Multi Tool Valve! You can work with two high pressure guns or foot valves with electric control on one high pressure unit, without influencing the pressure in the guns (or foot valves).

NEW: Productupgrade Barracuda 2800 bar

The new BC 705 high pressure cartridge for the Barracuda shotgun tool has been successfully tested by many of our customers. It has shown to double the operating life, which realizes a substantial saving of costs for the user.

NEW: Innovative design Hose Whip Checks

New in our range are the DERC Hose Whip Checks. This unique patented design is soft for the hands and pulls tighter and tighter. An improved, safer and stronger solution for the high pressure hydraulic and waterjetting market.

NEW: Laser meets waterjetting at IFAT 2016

The visitors who visited the DERC Salotech booth during the IFAT 2016 were especially interested in the latest innovation of full automatic cleaning of heat exchangers. The heat exchanger is indexed with a laser for fully automatic high pressure waterjetting cleaning.

NEW: Visit us at IFAT 2016

As always DERC Salotech is at the IFAT 2016. Like other years you will find us at our usual location in Hall B4, Stand 115. On the IFAT we will present you the new safety innovations and semi automatic solutions.

NEW: DERC Blast Container

DERC Salotech has manufactured a new (semi) automatic solution for high pressure waterjetting of tube bundles, the Blast Container. The Blast Container is a bundle blaster which is easy to assemble in a standard container.

NEW: 45° & 90° long radius elbows

New in our program are the 45° and 90° stainless steel long radius elbows. Because of the new design the long radius elbows have less pressure loss.

NEW: Compact Air Fin Condensor cleaner

DERC Salotech introduces an unique compact system for an easy outside cleaning of Air Fin Condensors with high pressure water jets.

NEW: Efficient tube cleaning of air fin coolers

DERC Salotech now offers an extra option for the AutoBox ABX-2L which makes internal cleaning of air fin coolers possible. The Fin Fan Attachment is specially made for the often very small platforms of air fin coolers. Without moving the frame the whole air fin cooler can be cleaned.

New: ABX-2L standard version upgraded

The many users of the tube and heat exchanger cleaner AutoBox ABX-2L are very positive. The short assembly time, easy operation, good stability of the lightweight frame and the high reliability has convinced many users to recommend and use the ABX-2L.

New: Innovations at successful DERC Event

During the DERC Event 2015 DERC Waterjetting showed the latest innovations, techniques and applications for industrial cleaning. For everyone it was a very successful event and the time to see new products in action.

NEW: What water ALSO can do!

A cleaning company was asked to cut a piece of a 130 ton bronze propeller to pieces. Without the producing heat, flames or sparks. DERC Salotech offers the solution: Cut with Water!

NEW: Semi-automatic Shot Gun System

It is now possible to clean from a safe distance and with a maximum safety for the operator. The alternative for manual cleaning. The Striker is the automatic shot gun system.

NEW: Comfortable cooling

When working with the right protective clothing it is often very hot. Especially when the summer temperatures rise or if one is working in a specific warm environment. The cooling vest provides comfortable working temperature.

NEW: Air Preheater Cleaner with XXL capacity

DERC Salotech has developed a full automatic PLC controlled Air Preheater Cleaner. The Air Preheater Cleaner has a very high capacity of 2x 1000 litres per minute at 500 bar.

NEW: Experience the ABX-2L yourself

The best way to experience a product is to see how it operates. That's why DERC Salotech offers you a demonstration unit at Oud-Beijerland or at your own location.