NEW: Air Preheater Cleaner with XXL capacity

July 07, 2015
On request of a large West European industrial cleaning company DERC Salotech has developed a full automatic PLC controlled Air Preheater Cleaner. The Air Preheater Cleaner has a very high capacity of 2x 1000 litres per minute at 500 bar. This XXL-version is designed to clean a rotating air preheater with a diameter of 19 meters. The Air Preheater Cleaner is moving on a guide rail of 10,5 meters. 

Monitoring at a safe distance 

The especially designed electrically powered carriage with ball-bearing wheels is moving the manifolds. The operator operates the manifold, with 14 nozzles, with the touch screen. At a safe distance, outside the air preheater, the operator monitors and operates the process.

Cleaning rotating plate element 

The rotating plate element in the air preheater, with a thickness of 2,5 meter will be simultaneously cleaned from both sides. With the extreme high capacity and cleaning program the middle layers will be optimally cleaned.

Own engineering and manufacturing

This Air Preheater Cleaner XXL is produced and designed at the request of the client by our own engineers and constructors. We will help you too with your specific cleaning job challenge! 

Like to know more?

Visit the special webpage about the Air Preheater Cleaner XXL or contact DERC Salotech +31 (0)186-62 14 84 or

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