NEW: Spir Star Hose 4/2H and 5/2H 1400 bar

September 06, 2016
These new 4/2H and 5/2H hoses are 4 mm Spir Star hoses have only 2 layers, and are now suitable for a working pressure of 1400 bar. You can now clean with 1400 bar and also have the features of the 1000 bar version, such as diameter and connections. 


We can deliver the hose with different options, like a sleeve or Type M Swivel. See all the technical information on our special webpage of the 4/2H-1400 hose and 5/2H-1400 hose. 

Automatic cleaning

This hose is suitable for cleaning with automatic tube cleaning machines, for example ABX-2L and Pro-Drive.

Official dealer Spir Star

DERC Salotech is an official dealer of Spir Star and autorized by Spir Star to assemble and repair hoses. Our people are experienced, trained and frequently updated in assembling Spir Star products to ensure quality and safety. Due to the fact we make the hose assemblies ourselves, we assure a good service, delivery time and repairs.  

Like to know more about the Spir Star 4/2H or 5/2H hose?

Visit our special webpage of the 4/2H hose or the special page of the 5/2H hose or contact DERC Salotech +31 (0)186-62 14 84 or

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