NEW: DERC Smart Laser Positioner

After the very positive introduction and enthusiastic reactions during the IFAT show on DERC-showcase "Laser meets Waterjetting", DERC Salotech did some extensive field testing of this system. We are proud to announce the new, innovative and intelligent DERC Smart Laser Positioner. We are now ready to introduce and release this unique system into the market. We offer the DERC Smart Laser Positioner in combination with the AutoBox ABX-2L for full automatic internal heat exchanger cleaning. 

100% accurate indexing by laser

By just pushing the start button the whole process starts. Only one person needs to monitor the process and stays safely outside the line of fire. The DERC Smart Laser Positioner indexes fully automatically with a 100 % accurate laser scan. The smart system transfers the scanned data to the control box and shows it clear on the touchscreen in the control panel. Because of the implemented unique software the positioning and cleaning will be done fully automatic.    

Unique features

  • Effectively full automatic indexing, positioning and cleaning
  • Uses 100% accurate Laser Vision Indexing Technology
  • Mobile solution, easy to set up
  • Operator monitoring safely outside line of fire
  • Ergonomic control by touchscreen operation
  • Progress visible on touchscreen during the process
  • Time efficient compared to manual cleaning and conventional methods
  • Safe solution; system with the highest SIR risk category
  • Highly accurate, fast and effective way of cleaning
  • Less mistakes, less chance of accidents, higher consistency because of reducing manual way of cleaning

Multifunctional applications

The DERC Smart Laser Positioner works very well in combination with the AutoBox ABX-2L. The Smart Laser Positioner is applicable for various applications. Ask us for many possibilities or tailor made projects.

Experience this innovation yourself 

Make an appointment to experience the Smart Indexer Positioner with the AutoBox ABX-2L during a personal demonstration.  

Like to know more?

Watch the video of DERC Smart Laser Positioner, click here or contact DERC Salotech +31 (0)186-62 14 84 or e-mail to: