NEW: Spin-Jets spinning with smart coating

The DERC Spin-Jets have been upgraded significant. The quality and life-time are strongly increased by using a smart coating. This coating provides a harder and smoother, wear resisant layer to the body. The rotor rotates now more stable and equally, which results in a better quality of cleaning.

NEW: Safe & fast flex lancing with the ABX-2L

The new safe and (semi) automatic flex lancing machine gives the best cleaning results in a safe and fast way. Experience yourself; DERC Salotech has one demo unit available.

NEW: Fittings & Adapters delivered faster

DERC Salotech has expanded its machine park with a state of the art CNC-machine. With our in house engineering and production we are able to offer you the complete process: from design to manufacturing.

NEW: DCN-nozzle now available for 3000 bar

The DERC-Nozzle range recently expanded with a new model: the DERC Cross Nozzle. The DCN-nozzle for cleaning completely plugged tubes, the market received it very positively.

Manual waterblasting safe & easy: Jet-Easy

The new DERC Jet-Easy offers a safe and easy way of manual waterblasting in a cleaning container. Because the reaction force of the high pressure gun will be absorbed.

New management location Salotech GmbH

We are proud to announce that since January Mr. Heiko Kuckerz together with Mr. Holger Stallbaum form the management of Salotech GmbH (Germany).

NEW: DERC Rupture Disc Holder

The engineers of DERC introduce the DERC Rupture Disc Holder, which is also available in a portable version. This safety device for high pressure units & systems is made of stainless steel and has a short delivery time.

NEW: Use less water with low flow Barracuda

The low flow Barracuda is a rotary shotgun tool with a titanium low weight steel. The maximum working pressure is 2800 bar and the Barracuda has a maximum flow of 12 l/min.

NEW: Badger 4" 3000 bar

The redesigned 40K Badger is a rotary tool that can navigate bends and elbows in 100mm (4") piping at pressures up to 3000 bar.

NEW: Clean plugged tubes with Cross Nozzle

The DERC Nozzle range is expanded with a new model: the DERC Cross Nozzle. The DCN-nozzle is designed for cleaning completely plugged tubes to

NEW: Smallest Banshee tool

The new Banshee Beetle is the smallest and most effective tube cleaning tool. The Banshee Beetle can navigate easier through small elbows

NEW: Product line for Oil and Gas applications

DERC Salotech launched a new product range for oil and gas applications at the Offshore Energy 2014 in Amsterdam. The visitors reacted positively at new products and solutions that

NEW: Offshore Energy 2014

Visit DERC Salotech at the Offshore Energy 2014 en discover our large assortment of high pressure products suitable for the oil & gas industry. Stand number 8.064. Request here your free entrance ticket.

NEW: Working with recycled water

The Warthog WGR Magnum is the new sewer cleaning nozzle with an extended life, increased working time between maintenance intervals and an optimal handling of dirty or recycled water.

NEW: (Semi) automatic cleaning the future

More and more companies clean (semi) automatic. A logical choice, automatically cleaning is much safer and ergonomic .....

NEW: Banshee BN 15

The Banshee line of rotary tube cleaning nozzles expanded with a new BN15 tool. The BN15 (15mm OD) reduces the jet stand-off distance in tubes where the BN13 has ....

NEW: Modular Lance Rotation Block

DERC Salotech introduces the innovative solution for rigid lance tube cleaning machines. The DERC Modular Lance Rotation Block is suitable for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or even more lances.

NEW: Discover the endless possibilities with PLC control at the IFAT

Visit DERC Salotech at IFAT and also discover the endless possibilities for positioning with a PLC control. We are happy to meet you at the DERC Salotech booth.

NEW: Complete line for Abrasive Cutting

DERC Salotech now offers a complete line of water jet cutting. The standard cutting set includes a magnetic Flex Track, Power head, Control panel, Cutting Nozzle and Abrasive Hopper.

NEW: Innovations on the IFAT

DERC Salotech presents many innovations at the IFAT this year. You can find us at our familiar location in Hall B4, Stand 109. We present you: Wireless Solutions, PLC controlled systems, Customized solutions, Semi automatic solutions.