NEW: Hose Feeder now for 3/4" & 3/8" hose

The DERC Hose Feeder is a compact hose feeder system that replaces the manual handling of the high pressure hose with a safe mechanic solution. The DERC Hose Feeder is besides the 1/2" rubber hose now also suitable for 3/4" and 3/8" rubber high pressure hoses.

NEW: Users WWCS System positively

The users of the Wireless Wave Control System are very positive about the practical use of the system. The wireless technology has proven itself in use within the high pressure cleaning.

NEW: PLC controlled Air Preheater Cleaner Air Preheater Cleaner high pressure water jets

The new PLC controlled Air Preheater Cleaner cleans automatically Air Preheaters with high pressure water jets. The system is practical, effective and equipped with a modular DERC PLC controlled X-Car.

NEW: Safer working with ATEX zone 2

Work safer with the DERC Foot Control Valve. The DERC Foot Control controls your pressure without having the high pressure hose connected to the Foot Control.

NEW: Light weight linkable Pre-filter

Engineers of DERC Salotech have designed a new light weight stainless steel Pre-filter for optimal protection of your valuable high pressure equipment.

NEW: Safe working with open hose possible

The Hose Control makes it possible to work safely with a high flow and a low working pressure.

NEW: DERC Hose Feeder

You don't want to clean your pipes/lines manually? Use the new DERC Hose Feeder, which cleans your pipes/lines at a safer and more ergonomic way. This compact and safe hose feeder system offers you a mechanic solution to handling your high pressure hose at a safe distance.

NEW: Ergonomic gun now available in electric version

The new ergonomic and safe design of the Wireless Wave high pressure gun is now available in electric version. The innovative lightweight high pressure gun offers you a renewed easy 360 degrees rotating handle.

NEW: 3-D Tank and Vessel cleaning Torus TR 130

The improved Torus TR 130 offers you many benefits like the Inteli-Torq gearing. The Inteli-Torq gearing is to protect your gear when one of the arms hit an object the Torus stops immediately.

NEW: DERC-nozzles range expands

Our engineers have expanded the standard DERC-nozzle range with four innovative nozzle designs. Just like the other designs the quality, design and efficiency exceed other brands.

NEW: Combination 3/6 SPIR STAR hose and 13 mm Banshee succesfull

Do you already know the new solution for cleaning pipes with a small inside diameter for Ultra High pressure? The combination of the 3/6 hose with 13 mm sleeve and the Banshee UHP are the solution for cleaning small tubes with a maximum operating pressure of 2800 bar.