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DERC Salotech delivers all possible electrical accessories and services for every type of high pressure water jetting unit. Electrical plugs, cables, cable reels, grounding control units, emergency switches, wireless applications till complete control panels. All these are designed and manufactured in our factory in Oud-Beijerland. Further we have Electric Engineers for on site projects and repairs. Do you have any questions about “fail safe” or other electrical subjects, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Standard Connectors, 7 Pin, Solder Connection
Description Part number
Connector 7 pin Male Steel EL.01103
Connector 7 pin Female Steel EL.01108
Chassis part. 7 pin Male Steel EL.01101
Chassis part. 7 pin Female Steel EL.01102

Standard Connectors, 7 Pin, crimp Connection
Description Part number
Connector 7 pin Male Steel EL.01103.001
Connector 7 pin Female Steel EL.01108.001
Chassis part 7 pin Male Steel EL.01101.001
Chassis part 7 pin Female Steel EL.01102.001
Spare/replacement pin Male 030-8586-000
Spare/replacement pin Female 031-8555-110

Extra accessories for above steel connectors
Description Part number
Protection plug 7 pin EL.01106
Protection plug 7 pin EL.01107
Seal for Chassis part EL.075-8515-0
Cable nut with pull release PG13 (incl. EL.116 336) EL.100.2015
Cable nut with pull release PG11  EL.100.2007 
Seal ring PG13 5-8 mm  EL.116.335 
Seal ring PG13 5-13 mm  EL.116.336 

Skintop bending connection
Description Part number
Skintop bending connection PG11 EL.530.15620
Skintop bending connection PG13 EL.530.15630
Skintop bending connection M20x1,5 EL.530.17630

Other Connectors
Description Part number
Connector 4 pin Male Steel EL.401326
Connector 4 pin Female Steel EL.401327
Connector 7 pin Male Plastic EL.3104.001
Connector 7 pin Female Plastic  EL.3105.001 
Chassis Part 7 pin Male, Plastic  EL.3106.001 
Chassis Part 7 pin Female, Plastic  EL.3107.001  
Connector 4 pin Male, Plastic  EL.3108.001  
Connector 4 pin Female, Plastic  EL.3109.001  
Chassis Part 4 pin Male, Plastic  EL.3110.001  
Chassis Part 4 pin Female, Plastic  EL.3111.000 
Connector 4 pin Male Steel crimp  EL.401326.001
Protection cap for EL.401326.001  EL.401326.002
Connector 4 Pin F Steel crimp  EL.401327.001 
Protection cap for EL.401327.001  EL.401327.002  

Electrical cable 7 wire
Description Part number
Electric cable 4 wire PUR 4 x 0,75  EL.082.1020
Electric cable 7 wire PUR 7 x 0,75 EL.70000

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