Vulcan Stripper

Air-operated rotary control gun

The right tool for the most demanding surface preparation job. The Vulcan Stripper has seen many years of dependable, continuous service in a wide range of industrial settings and circumstances. The Vulcan Stripper delivers the power to clean the most difficult surfaces down to white metal quickly and cost effectively using a minimum amount of water. Operation of the Vulcan Stripper will require an air operated Multi-Mode Control Valve (Tumble Box).

Vulcan Stripper ideal for

  • Removing paint and coatings of various types of metal surfaces

Vulcan Stripper features

  • Ultra-high pressure water jetting produces a white metal surface
  • Major paint and coatings manufacturers have developed lines of coatings specifically for ultra-high waterblasted surfaces
  • High pressure water jetting is not only economical, but with so many environmental advantages it is swiftly becoming the preferred process for coating removal by many major industries
  • Ultra-high pressure (2750 bar) 
  • Powerfull enough to clean the most difficult surfaces down to white metal
  • Uses a minimum amount of water
  • Safe dual trigger operation
  • Equipped with high production Viper nozzle

Vulcan Stripper II (350.3000)
Max. working pressure 2750 bar
Max. flow 26 l/min
Rotation speed 3000 rpm
Min. air flow 0,7 m3/min
Power air motor 0.56 kW
Weight 4,9 kg

Like to know more about the Vulcan Stripper?

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Vulcan Stripper

Vulcan Stripper

Tumble box

Tumble Box

Viper nozzle