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DERC Smart Laser Positioner

Innovative, fast and intelligent automatic indexing and positioning system

The innovative, safe and intelligent DERC Smart Laser Positioner uses Laser Vision Indexing Technology to make an accurate scan, for example the front plate of a heat exchanger. Just push the start button and the indexing and positioning process starts. The progress is displayed on the touchscreen and afterwards a data report of the process is shown on the touchscreen.

Smart Laser Positioner for multifunctional applications

The DERC Smart Laser Positioner can be applied on several applications. DERC introduces the Smart Laser Positioner in combination with the AutoBox-ABX-2L. With this combination you have an unique fully automatic cleaning system for internal cleaning of heat exchangers.

DERC Smart Laser Positioner with ABX-2L for full automatic internal heat exchanger cleaning 

The innovative system consists of an electric-powered light-weight X-Y positioner. The innovative integrated laser creates a 100% accurate scan of the front plate of the heat exchanger. After the scan the data is transferred to the control box and shown clear on the touchscreen in the control panel. Because of the implemented unique software the positioning and cleaning will be done full automatic.  

Unique features of the DERC Smart Laser Positioner in combination with the AutoBox ABX-2L

  • Fully automatic indexing, positioning and cleaning
  • Using 100% accurate Laser Vision Indexing Technology
  • Perfect monitoring and data report during the process
  • Data report of total cleaning process at the end
  • Operator monitoring outside "line of fire"
  • Operator friendly, easy to operate
  • Only one person needed during the process
  • Mobile and very safe solution
  • Light weight modular frame, easy to set up
  • Ergonomic working method
  • Touch screen control
  • Shorter lead time
  • Time saving compared to manual cleaning and conventional methods
  • Safe solution: system with the highest SIR risk category
  • Highly accurate, fast and effective way of cleaning
  • Less mistakes, less of accidents, higher consistency because of reducing manual way of cleaning
Max. allowable reaction
force on frame
480 N
Size standard frame 1840 x 1840 mm 
Other dimension, on request available
Operation standard window Ø 1080 mm
Other measures, on request available 
Material frame   Aluminum and Stainless Steel
Speed X- and Y- axis 10- 90 mm/sec
Power supply 230 VAC 50 Hz/110 VAC 60 Hz
Air supply 7 bar 
High Pressure  4 or 7 pin connection with On/Off switch

Like to know more about this innovative automatic indexer and cleaner?

Experience the DERC Smart Laser Postioner yourself during a personal demonstration, make an appointment via DERC Salotech +31 (0)186 62 14 84 or send an e-mail to:

Laser Vision Technology

Laser Vision Indexing Technology

Control Box

Control panel, monitoring outside "line of fire"

Front Plate cleaning

Front plate cleaning

Tube cleaning

Tube cleaning


View from touchscreen

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