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High pressure fittings

DERC Salotech designs, manufactures and offers a wide range of stainless steel adapters, nipples and manifolds till 4000 bar for the high pressure waterjetting and oil and gas industry.


No thread type or size, known in our industry, is strange for us. We manufacture all sorts. The delivery program is endless with all possible sizes and different thread models used in this industry like BSP, NPT, Metric, UNF and UNC. 

Standard assortment 

The tables below show just a sample of what we can provide, this is our standard assortment what we can deliver quickly from stock. Every other size or threads can made by our engineers and in our own factory.

Quick connectors
Plug >Max. press.
Part number
3/8" NPT F 1000 S34-32504-001
1/2" BSP F 1000 516001-BSPF
1/2" NPT F 1000  516001 
3/4" NPT F 800  516054 
1" NPT F 700 516070


All the quick connectors are made of stainless steel and designed and engineered by our engineers. All what is produced by us is made according drawings and has its unique part number. Everything is designed according the latest quality standards and the requirements for high pressure water jetting and oil and gas industry. Further all products we produce are marked with our company branding, part number, maximum working pressure and thread connections for safety and traceability. 


All the products we produce are manufactured with our up to date machine park according the latest quality standards. All necessary caliber’s, control and measurement checks have been done before it leaves our factory. Our production people are trained and up to date with the latest production standards and techniques. 

Testing and Certificates

The products which DERC Salotech manufactures are engineered and calculated to withstand the maximum working pressure which they are designed for. Batch wise we also test our standard products by means of a hydro static pressure tests. These hydro static test rigs we have at our factory. All products we produce can be supplied if required with pressure test certificates. 

If you have any questions or requirements on special products, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Like to know more about the High Pressure Quick connectors?

Contact DERC Salotech +31 (0)186 62 14 84.

Quick Connectors

Quick connector

Producing in own factory

Producing in own factory


In house engineering

Quick Connector

Quick connector

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