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Badger 4" 40K 3000 bar

Self-rotary swivel for cleaning pipes with elbows

The redesigned Badger is a rotary tool that can navigate bends and elbows in 100 mm(4") piping at pressures up to 3000 bar.

This tool has been re-engineered with our most effective high pressure seal and speed control technology to minimize seal wear, maintain consistent speeds over time, and greatly increase tool life between maintenance intervals.

Badger 4" 40K is ideal for

  • Cleaning pipes as small as 100 mm (4")
  • Unplugging and clearing pipes with multiple bends
  • Cleaning vertical and horizontal piping
  • Especially useful for industries such as oil refineries, aluminum plants, petrochemical and pharmaceutical production

Badger 4" 40K 3000 bar features

  • Powerful, compact design delivers maximum cleaning power to small and medium diameter pipes; easily maneuvers bends
  • Multiple jetting options optimize tool to a variety of pumps, pressures and flows; tools can unplug, polish or run longer lines based on jetting
  • Controlled rotation adapts tool for lighter or heavier deposits
  • External carbide wear ring protects tool body during operation
Specifications Badger 4" 40K
Model BA-H6
Max pressure
3000 bar
Maximum flow
45 l/min
Rotation 100-400 rpm
Inlet Connection 3/8" HP
Nozzles  5x 3/8"-24 UNF (OS6 nozzles)
Diameter 75 mm 
Length 99 mm
Weight 1,8 kg
Head flows BA 440-R50 offset 17-26 l/min
Head flows BA 440-R35 offset  26-36 l/min
Head flows BA 440-R25 offset  36-45 l/min 

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Badger 4'

Badger 4" 40K 3000 bar in curved pipe

Badger 4inch 3000 bar 4k StoneAge

Badger 4" 40K 3000 bar