Badger 6"

Rotary cleaning for pipes with elbows

The Badger 6" features adjustable speed control which allows operators to meet the demands of the task at hand; slower speeds for tough deposits and faster rotation for easier plugs.

Badger 6" is ideal for

  • Cleaning large process pipes up to 12"
  • Unplugging and clearing pipes with multiple bends
  • Cleaning vertical and horizontal piping
  • Especially useful for industries such as oil refineries, aluminum plants, petrochemical and pharmaceutical production

Badger 6" features

  • Multiple jetting options optimize tool to a variety of pumps, pressures, and flows; tool can unplug, polish, or run longer lines based on jetting
  • Controlled rotation adapts tool for lighter or heavier deposits
  • Compact design maneuvers easily through bends
  • Multiple inlet connections available allows tool to be used at different pressure ranges
  • External carbide wear ring protects tool body during operation
  • Optional rigid lance centralizer BA-385 provides more consistent cleaning in large diameter pipes, reduces head wear, and prevents tool turn-around
Specifications Badger 6"  
Model BA-P8 BA-MP9
Max pressure 1000 bar  1500 bar
Maximum flow 210 l/min   160 l/min
Adjustable rotation speed 50-300 rpm  50-300 rpm
Inlet connection 1/2 NPT 9/16" MP, M24
Diameter 95 mm  95 mm
Length 140 mm 140 mm
Weight 3,6 kg 3,6 kg
Head flows BA-R40 offset 57-87 l/min 53-80 l/min 
Head flows BA-R31 offset  87-125 l/min  80-110 l/min 
Head flows BA-R21 offset 125-210 l/min  110-160 l/min 

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Badger 6'

Badger 6" head

Badger 6' with centralizer

Badger 6" with centralizer

Badger 6 inch

Badger 6"