Rotary cleaning for straight pipes

The BJV is a versatile pipe cleaning tool. A variety of head choices allow for a pulling ring connection, customized porting and multiple jetting options. Different viscous fluid options allow operators the ability to change the speed of rotation for hard or easy applications.
Multiple centering devices allow the BJV to work with extension arms, putting the jets close to the wall of the pipe being cleaned. Jetting configurations can be optimized to provide either more pulling power or more unplugging power.

BJV is ideal for

  • Cleaning pipes and vessels
  • Unplugging and clearing pipes
  • Cleaning vertical and horizontal piping
  • Adaptable to tank cleaning
  • Especially useful for oil refineries, power plants and petrochemical production

BJV features

  • Multiple jetting options, customized porting and head selections; optimizes tool to a variety of pumps, pressures and flows. Tools can unplug, polish or run longer lines based on jetting
  • Multiple centralizers and extension nipples available; easily minimize standoff distance, putting the jets close to the wall being cleaned
  • Multiple inlet connections available; tool can be used with a wide range of pressures
  • Optional pull ring connection; aids in jobs where tool needs to be pulled through the pipe

Model BJV-P16 BJV-P12 BJV-M24 BJV-MP12  BJV-H9
Max. pressure 700 bar  1000 bar 1500 bar 1500 bar 2800 bar 
Max. flow 760 l/min  380 l/min 380 l/min 230 l/min 76 l/min
Rotation slow 30-80 rpm  5-80 rpm 5-80 rpm 15-50 rpm 20-60 rpm
Rotation fast - 40-200 rpm 40-200 rpm  70-300 rpm  90-250 rpm 
Inlet conn. 1" NPT 3/4" NPT M24 3/4" MP  9/16" HP 
Length 180 mm 180 mm 180 mm 210 mm 210 mm
Weight 3,6 kg 3,6 kg 3,6 kg 3,6 kg 3,6 kg
Standard head BJ 041-P8-RX BJ 044-P4-RX BJ 144-P4-RX  BJ 144-P4-RX  BJ 444-S6-RX 
Diameter 89 mm  76 mm 76 mm 76 mm  76 mm 
Nozzles 6x OC8 6 or 7x AP4  6 or 7x AP4 6 or 7x AP4 6,7 or 8x OS6
Weight 2,2 kg 1,5 kg 1,5 kg  1,5 kg  1,5 kg 
Extension head BJ 041-P12-RX BJ 041-P8-RX  BJ 145-G12-RX BJ 145-G12-RX BJ 441-G9-RX
Diameter 89 mm 89 mm   89 mm 89 mm 89 mm
Ext. ports 6x 3/4" NPT 6x 1/2" NPT  6x G12 6x G12 6x G9
Weight 2,1 kg 2,2 kg  2,0 kg 2,4 kg 2,6 kg

Like to know more about the BJV?

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