Rotary cleaning for straight pipes

The Raptor self rotating tool is used to clean process drains, totes, closed head drums, water well screens, ducts and exhaust stacks. Used with a centralizer, it cleans pipes from 3" to 12" diameter and can clean straight tubes as small as 60 mm diameter.
The Raptor uses viscous fluid rotation speed control and operates with 2, 4 or 6 jets in balance.

Raptor ideal for

  • Cleaning process drains
  • Cleaning totes
  • Closed head drums
  • Water well screens
  • Ducts and exhaust stacks

Raptor features

  • Viscous fluid speed control
  • Replaceable tips and seals
  • 2,4 or 6 jets in balance
  • Centering devices available, to protect the head and improve jet action
  • Multiple head options

Raptor heads

  • RPT 043-P2-6; diameter 51 mm, 6 or 7 x AP2 nozzles
  • RPT 044-P4-6: diameter 64 mm, 6 x AP4 nozzles
Specifications Raptor 
Maximum working pressure RPT-P8 1000 bar
Maximum working pressure RPT-MP9 & RPT-M24 1500 bar 
Maximum flow 230 l/min 
Rotation slow (thick oil BJ 048-S) 15-60
Rotation Speed fast (thinner oil BJ 048-F) 50-250 rpm
Inlet connection RPT-P8 1/2" NPT, or M24
Inlet connection RPT-M9 9/16" MP
Inlet connection RPT-M24 M24x1,5
Length 240 mm 
Weight 2,5 kg

Head Selection
Flow range (l/min)
38-87 60-140 95-230 350 bar

36-68 57-120
95-190 700 bar
1500 bar* * Not for RPT-P8
Head R30
Head R18
Head R11

Like to know more about the Raptor?

Contact DERC Salotech +31 (0)186 62 14 84.

Raptor assortment

Raptor assortment

Raptor nozzle high pressure waterjetting

Raptor head