Automated concrete demolition system

The Blackhawk is a cost-effective and safer alternative to traditional methods of removing and scarifying concrete.

The universal mounting plate allows the tool to easily adapt to your choice of implement.

Blackhawk ideal for

  • Vertical uses: piers, buildings, tanks, walls
  • Scarification to provide a good bonding surface
  • Partial depth cuts to expose rebar and remove weak areas
  • Removing up to 30 cm (depth) or more based on pressure, flow, and grade of concrete
  • Removing concrete without causing damage to steel/rebar structure or fracturing

Blackhawk features

  • Universal mounting plate usable in any orientation with many different machines
  • Can be configured to specific nozzle standoff, traverse and rotation speeds/rates
  • Adjustment knobs for rotation speed and traverse speed are on the front of the carriage and are independently adjustable
  • Rubber lined shroud reduces noise and contains debris
  • Moveable stops on either side control travel distance
  • Wireless display system for rotation speed and traverse rate
Model Blackhawk
Pressure 1500 bar
Flow 190 l/min
Weight 544 kg

Like to know more about the Blackhawk?

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Blackhawk quick connectors

Quick connectors


Wireless display


Universal mounting plate