SG-30 Free Spinner

Self-rotary cleaning head

The SG-30 Free Spinner provides a simple, self-rotating solution to surface cleaning and preparation.

It uses 4 jet arms for excellent jet quality and a balanced, stable, self-rotating assembly. It is available in either 460 or 620 mm jet path diameters and features a universal mounting block and replaceable AP4 nozzle tips.

Use this unit for manufacturing floor cleaners.

Free Spinner is ideal for

  • Conveyor belt cleaning
  • Airport runway rubber removal
  • Belts, screens and coatings
  • Degreasing and decontaminating concrete

Free Spinner features

  • No compressed air required
  • Two head sizes available
  • Radiused arms enhance jet quality
  • Adjustable rotation speeds
  • Protective nozzle guards
  • Replaceable nozzle tips
  • Includes universal mounting block
  • Balanced, stable rotation
Model SG-30-P12 SG30-MP12
Max. wp. 1000 bar 1500 bar
Max. flow 190 l/min 190  l/min
Jet path diameter 460 or 620 mm 460 or 620 mm
Rotation speed  300-1000 rpm 300-1000 rpm
Inlet connection 3/4" NPT  3/4" MP 
Height 330 mm 330 mm
Weight 11 kg 11 kg

Like to know more about the SG-30 Free Spinner?

Contact DERC Salotech +31 (0)186 62 14 84.


Free Spinner


Free Spinner