SG-E60 & SG-E70 (Slow rotation)

Air & Hydraulic Powered Cleaner

The SG-E60 and SG-E70 feature slower powered rotation with two available speed options: The 18:1 ratio gearbox provides a speed range of 40-600 rpm; the 60:1 ratio gearbox a speed range of 5-50 rpm. Slower rotation aids removal of thick deposits, particularly at long standoff distances.

The SG-E60 uses an air motor and the SG-E70 a hydraulic motor.

Powered rotation units control rotation speeds and allow the use of a wide variety of head configurations for diverse cleaning applications.

SG-E60 & SG-E70 ideal for

  • External tube bundle and tunnel wall cleaning mounted on a rail and tractor system
  • Floors, conveyors and large surfaces

SG-E60 & SG-E70 features

  • Slow rotation increases dwell time for difficult deposits
  • Radiused arms produce powerful and effective jets
  • Adaptable head configuration can be customized for a large range of applications
  • Replaceable nozzle tips maximize jet quality
Model SG-E60 SG-E70
1000 bar swivel SG-P12KM SG-P12KM
Inlet connection 3/4" NPT 3/4" NPT
1500 bar swivel SG-MP12KM SG-MP12KM
Inlet connection 3/4" MP 3/4" MP
Power mode Air powered Hydraulic powered
Air supply 100 m3/h @ 5,5 bar -
Hydraulic supply - 1,0 m3/h @ 100 bar
Rotation speed 10-50 or 120-600 rpm 5-30 or 40-400 rpm 
Max. flow 420 l/min 420 l/min 
Weight 18 kg 18 kg

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Powered Cleaner Slow Rotation

SG-E60 & SG-E70 Powered Cleaner

Powered Cleaner Slow Rotation

SG E-60 Powered Cleaner