Rotary Shotgun Tool

The Spitfire revolutionizes rotary shotgun tools. This design features an angled jet pattern combined with high-speed rotation to perform superior cleaning and surface preparation. The Spitfire is excellent for cleaning difficult and irregular surfaces where a hand-held operator can more efficiently maneuver the cleaning head.

The Spitfire comes with two head options: a shielded head or a bumper head version. The external shield option protects the tool from damage caused by lateral swinging of the tool. The bumper option is an alternative for those instances when debris gets stuck in the shield, preventing head rotation.

The Spitfire utilizes a 2-port jetting pattern and has 2 inlet options, either 1/2" NPT for up to 1000 bar, or 9/16" MP for 1500 bar.

This tool requires little maintenance, reducing down time.

Spitfire is ideal for

  • Concrete demolition and scarification
  • Removing tar and asphalt deposits from equipment
  • Cutting rubber

Spitfire features

  • Easily adaptable to remote shotgun equipment
  • Weighs under 1 kg
  • Low maintenance
  • Lower operating costs
  • No high pressure seats or seals
  • Hardened stainless steel shroud
Model SPFR-P8-B (Bumper)
SPFR-P8-S (Shrouded)
SPFR-MP9-B (Bumper)
SPFR-MP9-S (Shrouded)
Max. wp. 1000 bar 1500 bar
Max. flow 58 l/min 49  l/min
Rotation speed 3000-5000 rpm 3000-5000 rpm
Inlet connection 1/2" NPT  9/16" MP 
Nozzles 2x AP2 2x AP2 
Diameter 43 mm 43 mm
Length 120 mm 120 mm
Weight 0,75 kg 0,75 kg

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Bumper or shrouded heads