UH-40 & UH-50

Ultra high pressure
Air & Hydraulic powered cleaner

The UH-40 and UH-50 tools feature the UH-H9G12 swivel mated to a controlled rotation belt drive system for thorough and productive surface cleaning. Both tools feature high flow design and an optional 90˚ inlet.

The UH-40 uses an air motor and the UH-50 a hydraulic motor.

Possible head configurations include a 4-arm jet assembly with up to a 500 mm jet path or a bar head with up to a 350 mm jet path. Replaceable OS6 sapphire nozzles provide hard hitting jets for epoxy coating removal and other surface preparations.

UH-40 & UH-50 ideal for

  • Cleaning belts, screens and conveyors
  • Removing epoxy coatings
  • Cleaning paint line carriers
  • Preparing surfaces for coatings

UH-40 & UH-50 features

  • High flow design
  • Optional 90º inlet
  • Radiused arms produce powerful and effective jets
  • Adaptable head configuration can be customized for a large range of applications
  • Replaceable nozzle tips maximize jet quality
Model UH-40 UH-50
Swivel UH-H9G12 UH-H9G12
Inlet connection 9/16" HP 9/16" HP
Power mode Air powered Hydraulic powered
Air supply 100 m3/h @ 5,5 bar -
Hydraulic supply - 1,0 m3/h @ 100 bar
Rotation speed 250-1000 rpm 250-1000 rpm 
Max. Flow 76 l/min 76 l/min 
Weight 12 kg 12 kg

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UH-40 & UH-50 Powered Cleaner


Application paint removal

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