Simple Boom

Tank Cleaning Tool Positioning Boom

The SB-H is designed to hold and position 3-D type waterblast cleaning nozzles on the end of a ½” waterblast hose. It features adjustable hose and ball locks, 45º hose elbows and an inspection hatch.

The Simple Boom is an economical, versatile positioner. The SB-P16 is designed to hold the position of most types of waterblast cleaning nozzles on the end of a straight piece of 1” pipe or 1" MP tubing. It features adjustable pipe and ball locks for dept control and a 75º tilt range.

Both models include a 600 mm aluminum mounting plate for the vessel opening and an inspection hatch for operator viewing.

Model SB-H SB-P16
Maximum pressure N/A 1400 bar
Maximum flow 190 l/min 570 l/min
Inlet connection 1/2" NPT 1" NPT
Maximum hose ID 13 mm N/A
Maximum end fitting 1,5" (38 mm) N/A
Weight 36 kg 36 kg

Conversion kit

The SB-200 Conversion Kit allows you to adapt the rigid model to accept flexible hose.

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Simple Booms

Simple Booms