Torus TR 130

3-D Tank Cleaning Tool for cleaning tanks, vessels and reactor interiors

The compact Torus TR 130 is very effective as three-dimensional tank cleaning tool. The Torus is suitable for cleaning tanks, vessels, autoclaves, ducts and reactor interiors. The Torus is suitable for various working pressures and a wide range of pump capacities and is available with interchangeable stainless steel nipple extensions, manifolds and multiple inlet options. A maintenance-free magnetic brake is used to control the rotation speed.

Inteli-Torq gearing

If the arms hit an obstruction, the tool simply stops rotating so there are no broken gears to repair. The result is longer tool life and less maintenance.

Easy maintenance

The Torus TR 130 has an easy maintenance, you can disassemble and assemble the Torus with common hand tools. The magnetic brake is maintenance-free.

Maximum flexibility

Different inlet couplings and four bolt-on manifolds allow for quick and easy adaptation to different pumps, working pressures and cleaning applications. Interchangeable stainless steel nipple extensions optimize jet quality and debris removal by placing the nozzles close to the target surface.

High-pressure nozzle

We offer you the highest quality nozzles with a long lifecycle to give you an excellent jetting with high quality cleaning result.

Features Torus TR 130

  • Maximum flexibility with interchangeable nipple extensions and manifolds
  • Long lifecycle and easy maintenance
  • Compact design also suitable for high pressure cleaning in small openings (ø 130 mm)
  • Inteli-Torq; if the arms hits an obstruction, the tool stops rotating directly
  • Easy to adjust rotation speed
  • Synthetic oil is used to lubricate the brake, decreasing temperatures and improving brake life
  • Smart located weep holes help to easily identify a worn seal
  • High quality nozzles give you an excellent jetting for a long lasting and efficient performance
  • Complete series of connections, manifolds and nipple extensions available
Model  TR 130
Max. working press.
1500 bar
Maximum flow
300 l/min 
22-735 kW
Cycle time
4-24 minutes 
Standard inlet conn.
3/4" NPT, 1" NPT, 3/4" MP, 1" MP, M24, M36 
Nozzle connection
1/4" NPT  
Entry diameter
ø 130 mm
Rotation speed
Weight complete
16 kg 


Table below shows the correct manifold to use for various pressure and flow combinations. 

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Torus TR 130

TR130 Tank Cleaning nozzle

Torus TR 130