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DERC Nozzles

DERC Nozzle Drivers

For use behind every nozzle for extra thrust till 1500 bar

The DERC range of Nozzle Drivers, also called pusher units, can be used behind every nozzle or even between hoses to give extra thrust. The DERC Nozzle Driver range goes standard up to 1500 bar. The nozzle body is corrosion resistant, hardened and guarantees a long life cycle. 

Short delivery time
The range of nozzle drivers is a stock item with a short delivery time. The DERC Nozzle Drivers are available with the following standard configurations and connections.

No. of jets
Ø jets
Part number
M7x1 M7x1 Ø9,53  2x Ø0,8 ND.10.07.02
M7x1 M7x1 Ø9,53  3x Ø0,8  ND.10.07.03
M7x1 M7x1 Ø9,53 4x Ø0,8 ND.10.07.04
1/8" BSP 1/8" BSP Ø12 2x Ø0,8 ND.12.18.02
1/8" BSP  1/8" BSP Ø12  3x Ø0,8 ND.12.18.03
1/8" BSP 1/8" BSP Ø12  4x Ø0,8 ND.12.18.04
1/4" BSP  1/4" BSP Ø18  2x Ø0,8 ND.18.14.02
1/4" BSP  1/4" BSP  Ø18  3x Ø0,8 ND.18.14.03
1/4" BSP   1/4" BSP  Ø18 4x Ø0,8 ND.18.14.04
1/4" BSP  1/4" BSP  Ø22 2x Ø0,9 ND.22.14.02
1/4" BSP  1/4" BSP  Ø22  3x Ø0,8 ND.22.14.03
M24x1,5 M24x1,5  Ø30 2x Ø1,0 ND.30.24.02
M24x1,5 M24x1,5 Ø30 3x Ø1,2 ND.30.24.03
M24x1,5 M24x1,5 Ø30  4x Ø1,0 ND.30.24.04
M22x1,5 1/4" BSP  Ø31  3x Ø0,8 ND.31.03.14
M22x1,5 M24x1,5 M Ø31 3x Ø1,0 ND.31.03.24

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