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DERC Spin-Jet Rotating Water Jetting/Waterblasting Nozzles

DERC Spin-Jet R

Rotating Pipe and Tube Cleaning

The DERC Salotech spinning tube cleaning nozzle range is a complete line of high pressure rotating nozzles for cleaning tubes and pipe lines. The maximum working pressure and flow variate on the model diameter and connection, but goes up to 1000 bar and a maximum flow of 190 liters/min.

Spin-Jet R

The R (Radial) model is designed for high pressure water jetting tubes and lines where perfect clean without any "stripes" is neccessary. The R is specially designed for polishing of tubes and pipe lines.

The R model has a rotor with 2 jets

  • 2x 90° rotating radial for cleaning of the tube wall

This nozzle is a "neutral nozzle" which means that for flex lance applications this model can be used in combination with a DERC nozzle driver (pusher unit). This turns it in a pulling nozzle.  


  • General pipe and tube cleaning
  • Heat exchanger cleaning
  • IRIS inspection 


Key Conn. Part number
without nozzle driver
Part number
with nozzle driver
Ø10 50 8 M7x1F  6102.10 6102.10V 1000
Ø12 55 10 1/8"BSPF  6102.12  6102.12V  1000
Ø18 55  16 1/4"BSPF  6102.18 6102.18V 1000
Ø22 55 19 1/4"BSPF  6102.22 6102.22V 1000
Ø31 90 27 M22x1,5F  6102.31 6102.31V 1000
Ø47 100 27 M22x1,5F  6102.47 6102.47V 1000

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Spin-Jet R high pressure nozzle

Spin-Jet R


2 Jets (2x 90º)