DERC Hose Catcher VE.80000

For safe manual high pressure cleaning of pipe lines

The DERC Hose Catcher type VE.80000 is a specially constructed adjustable auxiliary tool for safe high pressure cleaning of pipes by means of a hose with a jetting nozzle mounted to the front.

The Hose Catcher consists of a stainless steel base plate with 3 connections; one for ½”, one for ¾” high pressure hoses and one for flex lances in various diameters. Flex lances of different diameters can be used due to the various diameters of the interchangeable Hose Stoppers.
These Hose Stoppers are stored in the cassette to prevent losing them. The ½” and ¾” connections are nuts which function as hose stoppers.
All parts are as much as possible fixed to the base plate to keep everything together.

The Hose Catcher can be mounted on the pipe in various ways; mountable clamps, bolts or when there is no flange, with lashing.

Part number VE.80000

Hose Stopper selection
Hose to be used Internal diameter of
Hose Stopper
Part number
4 / 2 8,5 mm RV8-28-108-85
5 / 2 10,5 mm RV8-28-108-11
6 / 2 12,5 mm RV8-28-108-13
8 / 2 14 mm RV8-28-108-14
1/2” – NW 13 28 mm RV8-28-108-28

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DERC Hose Catcher VE.80000 
Hose Catcher VE 80000



Stopper storage cassette

Stopper high pressure hose

Hose Stopper