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Hose Containment

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Hose Containment

Securely stores for hoses

The Hose Containment System, or HCS-2L, is a lightweight accessory for the Autobox ABX-2L, which contains and securely stores hoses typically used for heat exchanger tube cleaning. 

The HCS-2L is a simple system to setup and operate, and greatly increases job site safety by eliminating the potential for high pressure hoses to snag on structure, valves, or other objects. It also increases hose life by reducing wear and makes it easy to store and transport hoses between jobs.


  • Reliable hose containment and storage for increased job site safety
  • Easily store and transport hoses between jobs 
  • Reduces hose wear
  • Lightweight and durable with good corrosion resistance
  • Holds up to 25 m of 6/4 hose
  • Built-in backout prevention for improved jobsite safety
  • Keeps job site clear of trip hazards
  • Helps manage hoses for easy transport and storage
  • Greatly extends hose life
Specifications HCS-2L
  HCS-2L-TM16 HCS-2L-TM24
Max. Pressure  1500 bar (22 psi) 1500 bar (22 psi) 
Storage Capacity*  25 m 25 m 
Swivel Inlet 1.00 Type M M25x 1,5 AG 
Connection outlet 2x 3/4" Type M  2x 1/4" BSP AG 
Hose Connections .56 Type M to 75. Type M  MP6 to BSPP4C
Dimensions 73 x 39 cm   73 x 39 cm
Hose Size ≤ 6/4 ≤ 6/4 
Weight  19 kg  19 kg 
Snout Lenght   228 cm 

* Based on 6/4 size hose

Two basic models - European model supplied with metric and BSPP fittings and the North American model supplied with 'Type M' fittings. 

Like to know more about the Hose Containment?

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Hose Containment

Hose Containment

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