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Combined Heat Exchanger total
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Combined Heat exchanger Cleaner

Solution for internal and external cleaning

One semi-automatic cleaning installation for the inside and outside cleaning of tube bundles and heat exchangers offfers many advantages. This innovative solution of DERC Waterjetting saves time, prevents waiting hours of cranes, provides safer working conditions, needs lesser space and gets the cleaning job done with excellent results. A moveable solution with a state of the art solid, yet flexible design, to meet every contractors challenge, like never before.

CHC Benefits

  • One machine cleans inside and outside 
  • Strong reduction of waiting times
  • Strong reduction of transport time 
  • One work spot for inside and outside cleaning
  • Less intervals, no need for moving tube bundle twice 
  • Works safer
  • More efficiency
  • Remote control 

CHC Features

  • Inside and outside cleaning without moving heat exchanger 
  • Precise X-Y positioning with 4 rotating lances (inside cleaning)
  • Unique adjustable pitch positioning
  • Rotates tube bundle or heat exchanger for outside cleaning
  • Z-movement in length with rotating cleaning head (outside cleaning)
  • Various other options for outside cleaning
  • Maximum power of 400 kW
  • Diesel driven hydraulic powerpack and control system

CHC Specifications

This innovative Combined Heat exchanger Cleaner is built on two joining horizontal frames, with a total length of 25,3 meters and cleans heat exchangers or tube bundles: 
• up to 3 m in diameter
• up to 9 m in length 
• up to 25000 kg

Hydraulic control functions for external cleaning

  • 360º rotating roller benches
  • Nozzle bar with moveable swivel
  • Nozzle bar left and right for cleaning tube plates
  • Construction: forward, backward, upward or downward

Hydraulic control functions for internal cleaning

  • Lances in and out movement (Z-function)
  • Construction left and right movement (X-function)
  • Construction high and low movement (Y-function)
  • Position of construction forward or backward

Like to know more about the DERC Combined Heat exchanger Cleaner?

Contact DERC Salotech +31 (0)186 62 14 84.

Combined Heat Exchanger Cleaner

Combined Heat Exchanger Cleaner

Rotation lance machine

Rotating Lance Machine

Lance length

Lance length up
to 10 m

Two roller system

Two roller system 

Unique adjustable pitch positoining

Unique adjustable pitch positioning 

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