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DERC Abrasive Cutting System

Complete line cold cutting tools

DERC Salotech designs and manufactures a complete line of tools and solutions for abrasive waterjet cutting applications. As a standard package DERC Salotech offers a starter kit with a magnetic Positioning Track, Air Powered Drive Head, Control Panel, Cutting Nozzle and an Abrasive Hopper.

Not every cut is the same

The DERC Standard Cutting Set is flexible and modular. Easily adaptable to your needs. Besides the standard set DERC Salotech offers for special cutting issues customized solutions such as: Manhole Cutters, Pipe Bands and Internal Cutters. You can use the DERC Abrasive Cutting System in combination with you existing high pressure installation. 

Standard Cutting Set 

The DERC Abrasive Cutting System is easy to use and flexible to adjust to the application. The DERC Positioning Track is made of flexible stainless steel and clamps on on flat surfaces and large diameters with magnets or vacuum technic. The standard length is 1,5 meter and is available in longer lengths. The DERC Air Powered Drive Head will be placed on the Positioning Track. The DERC Air Powered Drive Head drives the abrasive cutting head movement and is air powered. The cutting head is adjustable in height. The DERC Air Powered Drive Headcomes with mounting bracket for parallel and perpendicular cutting. 

Pipe Bands 

For all pipe cutting applications we offer the DERC Pipe Band. The Pipe Bands clamp around the pipe. They are available in most sizes in 2” increments. The DERC Air Powered Drive Head adapts directly to the Pipe Band. 

Manhole Cutter

DERC Salotech offers a range of Manhole Cutters and customized tools to encounter your cutting issue. Manhole Cutter from 6"-24”. Our engineering department can design your customized tool. 

Internal Pipe Cutter 

When space or other restrictions prevent to cut from the outside, DERC Salotech offers a range of internal pipe cutters. This solution makes it possible to cut the pipe from the inside. 

Custom Made

Do you have a cutting challenge, contact us. Our engineering departement designs a and suitable cutting solution according to you wishes.

Like to know more about the DERC Abrasive Cutting System?

Contact DERC Salotech +31 (0)186 62 14 84.

Abrasive Cutting on location

Abrasive Cutting System

Abbrasive Cutting nozzle

Cutting nozzle

Abrasive Hopper

​Conical Hopper with Metering System

Pipe Bands

Pipe Bands

Manhole Cutter

Manhole Cutter

Internal pipe cutter

Internal Pipe Cutter

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