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DERC Hose Feeder
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DERC Hose Feeder

To control high pressure hoses

The DERC Hose Feeder (DHF) is designed and manufactured for a safer and more ergonomic way of cleaning pipes (lines) with high pressure. This innovative hose feeder system replaces the manual handling of a 1/2" (and optional 3/8" or 3/4") rubber high pressure hose with a safer mechanic solution. The in and out speed of the Hose Feeder is infinitely adjustable. Because of the distance between the Hose Feeder and the operator the DERC Hose Feeder is a very safe solution for the operator.

Hose Feeder features

  • Maximum safety ergonomics for the operator
  • Easy operation with minimal operator fatigue
  • Backout preventer for a safe operation
  • Remote control panel for controls and speed adjustment
  • Constant cleaning speed for a perfect result
  • Easy to handle unit
  • Air preperation set for maintaining the equipment

Complete delivered

The DERC Hose Feeder will be delivered complete with CE-mark and user manual. The system includes the following components: 

  • DERC Hose Feeder, air powered 1/2" hose feeder
  • Remote Control Panel with controls and speed adjustment
  • Hose Guide with backout preventer
  • Air preparation set

Other diameter hoses

With the DERC Hose Feeder it is possible to use other diameter hoses (bigger and smaller). Other wheel kits need to be installed. DERC Salotech offers 3/4" and 3/8" conversion kits.

The maximum diameter coupling which can be put through the machine is 45 mm.

Specifications DERC Hose Feeder
Part number DHF-AIR-1/2"
Air supply 0,7 m3/h @ 5,5 bar
Speed in and out Variable up to max. 0,15 m/sec
(will depend on your nozzle selection) 
Hose guide 1,5 m with Storz conn. (nok 81)
with backout preventer 
Control Panel On/off/stop and speed in and out
High pressure hose  1/2" HB4+ (rubber high pressure hose) 
Wheel kit for 3/8" HB4+ DHF.KIT.38 
Wheel kit for 3/4" HB4+  DHF.KIT.34 

Like to know more about the DERC Hose Feeder?

Contact DERC Salotech +31 (0)186 62 14 84.

DERC Hose Feeder

DERC Hose Feeder

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