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DERC Multi Tool Valve
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DERC Multi Tool Valve UHP

Double your production, work with two consumers on one high pressure pump

The DERC Multi Tool Valve is specially designed and built to make it possible to work with two high pressure guns or foot valves with electric control on one high pressure unit, without influencing the pressure in the guns. The DERC Multi Tool Valve has a maximum working pressure of 2800 bar and can be attached to any high pressure unit, it only requires external air pressure and 24VDC power. The DERC Multi Tool Valve is mounted on a stainless steel frame which can be installed next or onto the high pressure unit. 

How it works

The DERC Multi Tool Valve has an inlet manifold to connect the high pressure unit, from here it separates and runs to the two multi-mode valves. These valves are electric/pneumatic operated and function as shuttle valves. The valves direct the flow to the consumer or the de-pressurized bypass. The valves are spring returned. In case of signal loss or air pressure loss the valves will automatically switch to dump (safe position).

The DERC Multi Tool Valve works in combination with electric consumers and signal cables. The electric system can be changed to your system, but is standard delivered with a 2 channel 7 pin EXI system. This means that the system from the DERC Multi Tool Valve away is intrinsic safe and suitable for a zone 2 area. 

The hose between the high pressure unit and the DERC Muli Tool Valve stays under pressure. Optionally, the DERC Multi Tool Valve can be connected to the high pressure unit with a signal cable, so when both guns are deactivated the unit can de-pressurize.


  • Very easy to operate, plug and play system
  • To use in combination with every high pressure unit  
  • Suitable for one or two high pressure guns or foot valves with electric control
  • Easy to transport with the 2 handles
  • Easy maintenance
Specifications DERC Multi Tool Valve
Partnumber DMVT 2800 EXI-7PS
Max working pressure 2800 bar
Max. flow 52 liter/min (26 liter per consumer)
Connection inlet Inlet 9/16”HP (M30x2 or 1 1/8”UNF in combination with M14 of 9/16” LH)
or M34x2 in combination with M18x1,5 LH
Connection outlet 2x 9/16", 2 x 3/8"HP out for 5 mm UHP hose 
Input V 24VDC
Input Air 7 bar 
Signal out 2x7 Pin Connector Steel 2 channel intrinsic  safe EXI – for consumers
1x7 Pin Connector Steel 2 channel intrinsic  safe EXI – unit pressure on/off

* A multi tool valve can also be called a ultra high pressure dual gun system. 

Like to know more about the DERC Multi Tool Valve?

For more information contact DERC Salotech +31 (0)186 62 14 84 or

Multi Tool Valve

For use with one or two jetting guns

DERC Multi Tool Valve

Back side

Multi Tool Valve

Top view

Multi Tool Valve

Front view