DERC Powered Tractor 

Air powered drive for all kind of (semi) automatic solutions

The DERC Powered Tractor is an air powered drive which can be used in all kind of (semi) automatic solutions. The DERC Powered Tractor is used for controlled movement or positioning of all kind of tools or rotating waterblasting heads.

The DERC Powered Tractor is suitable used for cleaning conveyors, outsides of tube bundles, walls and other surfaces. It has an air motor powering linear motion along a slotted rail and automatically switches direction when it contacts adjustable stops to control the amount of travel along the rail. 
The DERC Powered Tractor Drive allows for example mounting of SG-30, SG-40, SG-E60, SM-Air assemblies or UHP cleaning heads (UH 40/ UH-50). 


  • Controlled linear motion, movement or positioning
  • Possible to upgrade to PLC controlled motion for programable cleaning programs/cycles
  • Independent speed and rotation controls 
  • Exchangeable assembly

Like to know more about the DERC Powered Tractor?

For all kind of positioning or automating your high pressure cleaning, please do not hesitate to contact. We are happy to take a look and advice you with a suitable solution.

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Powered Tractor Drive

DERC Powered Tractor Drive with UH-40

Powered Tractor

DERC Powered Tractor Drive