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Small process pipe cleaning

The hose rotation enables access through multiple elbows and makes the Navigator ideal for cleaning process piping, drain lines, and other small ID pipes with bends.

The Navigator is a portable Rotary Hose Device (RHD) designed to clean small pipes with bends. The hose rotation enables access through multiple elbows and makes the Navigator ideal for cleaning process piping, drain lines, and other small ID pipes with bends.


  • Lightweight, modular design allows a single operator to move, set-up and run
  • Specialized for cleaning small process piping/tubes and drain lines 2"–4” (DN50–DN100) ID – runs 4/4, 5/4, and 6/4 hoses
  • Clean past multiple bends and elbows using hose rotation and self-rotary tools 
  • Hose containment for safety, hose protection and transport
  • Adjustable feed rate to customize dwell time
  • Can hold 30 m of hose for approximately 26 m of reach
  • Versatile snout and backout prevention
  • Snout simplifies attaching the system to the pipe and increases safety
  • Compatible with Badger pipe cleaning tools and Banshee Beetle tube cleaning tools
  • AutoBox ABX-PRO can be removed and used independently
Specifications Navigator
Max Pressure 1500 bar (22k psi)
Min pipe size  51 mm (2 in)
Max pipe size 102 mm (4 in) 
Hose Feed rate   Adjustable, 69 mm/s to 813 mm/s
Poly Hose Size 4, 5, and 6 mm 
Usable hose lenght 30 m 
Weight complete 34 kg (without hose)
Weight control box 12 kg 
Measures Navigator 890 x 152 x 241 mm
Measures Control box  356 x 356 x 457 mm - 711 mm 

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Navigator several hose sizes

Accommodates several hose sizes


Ergonomic control box


Flange Mount

Mount without flange

Optional mount assembly