DERC Tank Cleaning Device

Your solution for cleaning tanks, reactors and vessels

DERC Salotech designs and delivers complete and practical solutions for cleaning. Our DERC Tank Cleaning Positioning Device is the perfect solution for cleaning reactors, tanks and vessels in situ and during production process with the help of high pressure water jets. As a fixed device the DERC Tank Cleaning Positioning Device will be installed on your reactor and/or plant, ensuring a quick and effective cleaning cycle and preventing long down time of your reactor. The entire process is PLC controlled and can be started in your control room. DERC Salotech delivers insitu-projects turn key on your site, including a high pressure water jetting unit and installation. Complete systems both automatic or (semi) automatic are within our possibilities.

The perfect positioning

The DERC Tank Cleaning Positioning Device exist of a “service hood” with a drive engine for the positioning arm. On the arm a suitable 3D Tank Cleaning Head is mounted. The arm positiones the Cleaning Head PLC-controlled on several positions in the tank, while the high pressure water jets ensure a perfect cleaning. All controlled from the desk at your control room.

In situ or transportable

The DERC Tank Cleaning Positioning Device is the solution in your valuable production plant. Complete systems both automatic or (semi) automatic are avaible. Next to our fully automatic Tank Cleaning Positioning Device, we offer a wide range of manual easy to transport positioning devices for tank cleaning applications, such as Teleboom, Simple Boom or Hose Boom.

Max. working pressure 
1500 bar
Max. flow 300 l/min
Weight 150 kg

Like to know more about the DERC Tank Cleaning System?

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Tank Cleaning Device

Tank Cleaning Device

PLC controlled

PLC Controlled

Perfect Positioning

Perfect Positioning

Tank Cleaning Device Torus

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