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AutoBox ABX-2L-2016

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AutoBox ABX-2L-V2

(Semi) automatic Tube & Heat Exchanger Cleaning

The AutoBox ABX-2L-V2 is an automated system specifically designed for (semi) automatic heat exchanger tube cleaning applications with an emphasis on safety, portability and usability.

When used with rotary tube cleaning nozzles and the lightweight, expandable positioner, the ABX-2L-V2 is a turn-key solution for safe and efficient tube cleaning in the harshest exchanger environments.

AutoBox ABX 2L-V2 features

  • Portable, modular design fits tight spaces and allows a single operator to move, set up and run 
  • Consistent cleaning through the tube bundle with independent forward/reverse speed control 
  • Quick-swap rollers can be changed without tools to accommodate different hose sizes 
  • Pairs with new lightweight positioner for simple indexing and accurate pitch adjustment 
  • Remotely adjustable hose clamp pressure allows operator to adapt to changing conditions on and minimize hose wear 
  • Guide tube assembly includes hose stop mechanism for added safety 
  • High quality components withstand corrosive environments 
  • Minimal maintenance requirements – can be quickly maintained in the field with very few basic tools 
  • New compact remote control box features ergonomic control levers and pneumatic dump switch 
Specifications AutoBox ABX-2L-V2 
Part number ABX-2L-2
Hose Size 3/2 - 8/4 
Hose Feed Rate 6-914 mm/sec
Push/ pull force 4,5 - 27 kg
Pitch Adjustment 16 - 61 mm
Dimensions l x B x H 424 mm x 183 mm x 211 mm
Weight ABX-2L 19 kg 
Weight Control Box 19 kg 
Weight Positioning Frame  54 kg 
Air supply  7 bar

Like to know more about the AutoBox ABX-2L-V2?

Experience yourself DERC Salotech had one demo unit available. Contact DERC Salotech +31 (0)186 62 14 84.