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Fin Fan Accessory

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Fin Fan attachment
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Fin Fan Attachment

To adapt the ABX-2L to clean air fin coolers

The Fin Fan Attachment is an option that is available for the Autobox ABX-2L, an automated system for heat exchanger tube cleaning. This Fin Fan Attachment makes the internal cleaning of air fin coolers possible. At air fin coolers the platform is often very small and the air fin cooler is often wider than a standard heat exchanger. The Fin Fan Attachment is specially designed to operate in confined walkways. 

The ABX-2L can be placed on the floor of the platform, besides the positioning frame. The high pressure hoses are guided by the Spring Snout Assembly. 
Because of the long aluminum rails, the whole air fin cooler can be cleaned without moving the frame. Through simple clamps and a mount for the rails, the Fin Fan Attachment is very quick and easy to install.  

Please note: The Fin Fan Attachment is an option for the ABX-2L and its light weight positioning frame. The Fin Fan Attachment uses the drive of the ABX-2L positioning frame. 

Fin Fan Attachment features

  • Adjustable pitch distance
  • Customized lenghts available
  • Quick install
  • Possible to work on small platforms
  • Modular, lightweight, fully adjustable design
  • Utilizes 6,35 cm box rail cut to custom lengths to accommodate any size Fin Fan Face dimension
  • 2 sizes of clamp attachment options are available for taller Fin Fan Faces
  • Works with the ABX-2L Hose Tractor, CB-ABX Control Box, and LWP-500 Light Weight Positioner
Specifications Fin Fan attachment
Part number FF-100-xx
This includes:
- The snout assembly
- The clamps for mounting
- The guide fro mounting the snout to the frame 
- The scaffold mount

Please note: Air fin coolers are also called Fin fan exchangers. 

Like to know more about the Fin Fan Attachment?

Experience yourself DERC Salotech had one demo unit available. Contact DERC Salotech +31 (0)186 62 14 84.

Fin Fan

Fin Fan Snout and Guide assemblies

Fin Fan

Fits on a confined walkway

Fin Fan Attachment

Fin Fan Attachment