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WirelessWave™ Control System (WWCS)

Safest wireless control system in the world

The WirelessWave™ Control System combines the introduction of wireless technology for controlling your high pressure water jetting unit with brand new ergonomic designs and safety features for the operators’ equipment. WWCS offers revolutionary innovations that benefit contractor, operators and clients alike.

Easy and simple as Bluetooth

The WirelessWave Control System (WWCS) basically replaces your traditional signal cables with a wireless connection. Up to a distance of 500 meters. Setting up this wireless connection is as easy and simple as Bluetooth.

Compatible with jetting systems

The WirelessWave Control System complies with all relevant industry and safety directives, such as ATEX/EMC. The WirelessWave Control System saves contractors money, time and energy. Contractors will perform 15% more cost-efficient with this system. It improves conditions and enhances the productivity of operators.

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