Downhole tools for coil tubing

The SpinCat family of tools provide simple, self-rotating solution for downhole coil tubing units. The viscous fluid governor controls rotation speed to maximize jet power delivered to the tubing walls. By using only a few rotating jets, each jet is bigger, with hard-hitting power. The replaceable jets are efficient and clean recesses and irregular surfaces without damaging the well pipe.

An internal centrifugal speed control maintains rotation speeds of 80 to 200 rpm. The SpinCat uses a high viscosity synthetic gear oil for lubrication.

The tool has a straight flow-through design with a leak-free high pressure seal so pump power is not wasted. The tool can be used at temperatures up to 200 °C, and can be used with up to 30% HCl and Nitrogen injection.

The SpinCat can be used at operating pressures of 70 to 350 bar and flow rates of 110 to 480 l/min. The standard nozzle head has five ports with 1/8 NPT threads.

The SC-287 is the newest member of our SpinCat family. Armed with a viscous fluid governor to control rotation speed this tool uses fewer jets, thereby maximizing jet power. Larger, slower jets actually produce harder hitting cleaning power.

Whether your deposits are parafin, asphaltine, hydrates, calcium carbonate, barium sulphateor mineral scale, SpinCat tools are ready to restore production without damaging the well pipe.

SpinCat specifications

  • Operating pressures of 70 to 350 bar
  • Flow rates of 110 to 480 l/min

SpinCat features

  • Self rotating assembly
  • Simple maintenance
  • Fluoro-elastomer seals
  • Replaceable 1/8” NPT nozzles
SpinCat specifications
Model SC-168 SC-212 SC-250 SC-287
Pressure 350 bar 350 bar 350 bar 350 bar
Flow range l/min 110-210 130-320 160-480 160-480
Outside dia. 43 mm 54 mm 64 mm 73 mm
Overall length 250 mm 312 mm 406 mm 396 mm
Inlet conn. 1" AMMT 1 1/2" AMMT 1 1/2" AMMT 2 3/8" PAC
Rotation speed 150-200 rpm 150-200 rpm 80-150 rpm 80-150 rpm
Weight 2 kg 4 kg 7,2 kg 9,1 kg
Max. temp. 200 ºC 200 ºC 200 ºC 200 ºC

Like to know more about the SpinCat?

Contact DERC Salotech +31 (0)186 62 14 84.

SpinCat StoneAge oil and gass nozzle

SpinCat range


Downhole tool

SpinCat StoneAge Downhole cleaning

Replaceable 1/8” NPT nozzles

SpinCat downhole cleaning nozzles

Self rotating

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