It’s about helping your business blossom

Innovation is part of our culture and as such a daily routine for our engineers. With great understanding of the global marketplace, unique operational demands, customer needs and industry trends, we always keep your business interests in mind. It’s not solely about providing good products and effective, safe industrial cleaning solutions. It’s about helping your business blossom.

Innovative systems, solutions, products and accessories

In order to meet the need for smarter and more solid ways of cleaning with high operator safety, we continuously design, develop, test and improve new solutions: systems, products and accessories. We introduce several new products annually. Some of them are award winning. Some of them are setting new industry standards, such as the Wireless Wave Control System. More important: all of these new products contribute to your operation.

A quantum leap: the Wireless Wave Control System

Innovation is our core. For instance, by adopting new state of the art materials, we have been able to develop a unique new -  wireless -  way for operators to control their jetting system in 2010. Our Wireless Wave Control System saves contractors money, time and energy. Contractors perform 15% more cost- efficient. ‘The Wireless Wave technology platform and it’s modules are setting new standards with regards to safety, ergonomics and maintenance. The system improves safety conditions for industrial cleaning with high pressure water jetting dramatically. It’s a quantum leap for the industry’, stated the jury report when we proudly received the Innovation Award by the independent Dutch Safety and Industrial Cleaning Association (SIR). “

If you are interested in the Wireless Wave Control System or other solutions, please contact DERC Salotech here.

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Wireless Wave Gun (WWG)

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SIR Award

SIR Award