Best brands and every part or accessory. Always on stock.

To guarantee your continuity, we always have a large strategic stock of products direct available for you. We offer a wide selection of quality products from fellow water jetting industry leaders and innovative products that we have developed, tested and manufacture ourselves.

Pure power pumps

We deliver pumps up to a maximum pressure of 2800 bar. With thousands of high pressure and high flow triplex and quintuplex bare shaft water jetting pumps in service, our pumps have become an industry standard for rugged dependability and ease of maintenance. We supply and recommend pumps up to 750 bhp for all kinds of applications and flows, in essence brand independent.

Largest collection

Our mission to make your work easier, safer and more efficient wouldn’t be complete, without offering the largest selection of accessories in the industry, including:

  • Nozzles 
  • Lances & Stingers
  • Hoses
  • Nipples & Adaptors
  • Tube Cleaning Machines
  • Accessories
  • Safety Products
  • Solutions & Systems
Lancing Machines

Tube Cleaning Machines

High Pressure Gun

High pressure guns

High pressure Hoses