Build to serve your purpose

Leading contractors, manufacturers and companies throughout the world are working daily with our special units, ranging from hand operated cleaning systems to (semi) automatic and completely PLC- controlled cleaning units and systems. Every single one of our systems is carefully constructed, custom built or tailor made and extremely reliable. At DERC Waterjetting we realise that a good return on your investment is imperative.

A wide variety to choose from

Our standard program contains a wide variety of models and many options. These include hot water units, bundle cleaning systems and industrial high- pressure units up to 2800 bar working pressure. Electric driven or diesel driven, for ships, stationary, on site, truck or container mounting. We design, engineer and manufacture these ‘state of the art’ high pressure water jetting units and solutions in our factory, according to your specific wishes and demands. We want you to work with a system that completely stands up to your requirements and demands. And our standards. As such we have an excellent reputation.

Tailor Made -  standard

When it comes down to high pressure water jetting units and systems, we mostly start with a simple question: ‘what is it that you need?’ After all, the available standard models, performance, pressure specifications and drive technology are as varied as the cars on a tradeshow. We want you to get the most effective and efficient systems for your business, for your application, for your safety and for your convenience. We are the trusted advisor to many international customers.

If you are interested in a high pressure water jetting system or unit, please contact us here.

Standard program

Standard Program

Tailor Made

Tailor Made